Outstanding natural heritage in Wallonia

Hotton caves


The guided tour of the caves lasts 60 minutes.


Reservations are highly recommended.


The tour counts 580 steps and is unfortunately not accessible to PRM.


In the cave, it is 12°C all year round. Remember to equip yourself accordingly...

Welcome to the Hotton Caves!

A unique site, recognised as outstanding natural heritage in Wallonia, the Hotton Caves are the only ones to be awarded two stars in the Michelin guide in their entirety!

 “Walk through its titanic galleries. Overlook a 30 metre chasm. Contemplate the fragile draperies. Listen to the roar of the torrent and experience the emotion of the underground world with our guides. “

Visit the caves

Follow the guide on a unique journey and contemplate the extraordinary variety of shapes and colours of the cave’s concretions. You will go down 65m underground to discover an underground river and go back up 30m on foot and 35m with a lift…

In the heart of an unspoiled nature...

Close to the Hotton Caves, discover the Calestienne garden. The name “Calestienne” is given to a continuous strip of limestone running from the Liège region to Chimay & marking the boundary between the Ardenne and the Famenne.

 The Calestienne has a rich and varied natural flora, specific to limestone soils.

Special visits :

Calestienne Garden

The Hotton Caves are also a vast 100% natural area to discover with friends or family...

Birthday special

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School visits

The time spiral is lost in the meanderings of the caves, will you be able to fix it with your class?
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