Calestienne Garden

A natural site to discover:
The Calestienne garden is an outstanding natural site located a stone’s throw away from the Hotton Caves.  La Calestienne is a continuous band of limestone, running from the Liège region to Chimay via Remouchamps, Hotton, Rochefort, Han and Givet,  and clearly marks the boundary between the Ardenne and the Famenne. 
Apart from the largest caves in the country, the Calestienne has a rich and varied natural flora, specific to the limestone soil.

For children, a new wooden playground:
The Hotton Caves welcome you in a friendly environment in the middle of nature, 5 minutes away from the centre of Hotton by car.  Children can enjoy the wooden playground and the whole family can make the most of the natural charm of the Calestienne garden.

Our staff is multilingual and welcome you in French, Dutch or English.


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