Hotton Caves

School activities


The guided tour of the caves lasts 60 minutes and is suitable for all ages from 3 years.


The Hotton Caves is the ideal place to dive into history..


Learning and having fun in one place: a new wooden playground awaits you!


In the cave, it is 12°C all year round. Remember to equip yourself accordingly.

School excursions, extra’ordinary

It is possible for your class to spend an hour to a day at the Hotton Caves. We offer various activities that can be combined with each other, some of them are carried out individually and others are supervised by an instructor.

Contact us to plan your day according to your needs!

Practical information 

Our activities are available on reservation (by email) and are adapted to the weather conditions and to the age of the participating children.
The cafeteria, the terrace, the garden and the playground are available for your recreation and picnic moments.

Areas dedicated to school groups are also available (cloakroom, projection room, multi-purpose room).

A visit to the souvenir shop is also possible.

Hotton Caves

Extraordinary discoveries